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1. Learn the Forklift Safety Law:

A. United States and Anywhere the U.S. Safety Code is Used 

Read U.S. Federal OSHA Forklift Safety Code 

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B. California State Residents 

Read Cal-OSHA Forklift Safety Code English 

Read Cal-OSHA Forklift Safety Code Spanish

C. Washington State Residents 

Read WISHA Forklift Safety Guide

D. All Jurisdictions

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E. Safety Trainers More Safety Training Information
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2. Select the Certification you Require:

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The test pages submit your test by email to be graded. Please allow 24 hours, although it is sometimes faster.

4. Download your Drivers Test, with Instructions:

Download Drivers Test with Instructions and Pre-Operation Safety Check List

Return your completed Drivers Test by mail or photo from your cell phone. Both work fine.

5. Receive electronic and paper Certificate and Wallet Card.

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OSHA estimates that 1 million forklifts are used in workplaces across the country. Forklifts are not only among the most common types of motorized equipment, they are also the cause of some of the most serious workplace accidents.

Forklift safety is—or at least should be—a major concern in the large majority of U.S. workplaces. That's because most industrial facilities use forklifts, and more than 100 deaths and 20,000 injuries related to forklifts occur each year. More than a few forklift accidents result in the death of the operator or another employee.

Employees are often injured or killed when forklifts:

Workers are also injured when they fall off forklifts, often when hitching rides or being elevated on the forks—both violations of safety rules. Battery charging and fueling accidents also claim victims. Most incidents involve property damage as well as injuries, including damage to overhead sprinklers, racking, pipes, walls, materials, and machinery.

According to OSHA, most employee injuries and property damage can be attributed to:

Violations of OSHA's powered industrial truck standard rank in the top 10 most frequently violated OSHA standards each year. In 2009, OSHA issued over 2,909 citations, most of which were related to training. Total penalties were close to $2 million.

To meet OSHA requirements and avoid citations and penalties, operators need to be well trained. OSHA's standard has specific requirements for operator training that require a combination of formal training with practical instruction, as well as an evaluation and certification process.

The standard also says that only those who have the knowledge, training, and experience on the type of forklift being trained on can provide this training. It also specifies a long list of required training topics. Trainers should refer to the OSHA standard to make sure all the required subject matter is covered.

Once trained, operators need refresher training and evaluation at least every 3 years, and more often for operators who have a record of accidents or near-misses.

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