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Confusion surrounded The equipment and continues to do so!

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Aerial work platform / Lift table



Agricultural tractors

Articulated hauler

Articulated truck

Asphalt paver

Asphalt plant

Backhoe loader, Backhoe

Ballast tamper



Cherry picker

Cold planer

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Construction & mining trucks


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Excavator (wheel)

Excavator (bagger, digger)

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Fresno scraper

Front shovel



Highway 10 yard rear dump

Highway bottom dump (stiff), pup (belly train), triple

Highway end dump and side dump

Highway transfer, Transfer train

Highway transit-mixer

Knuckleboom loader (trailer mount)


Lowboy (trailer)

Military engineering vehicles

Pile driver


Pneumatic tire compactor, Compactor

Reclaimer & Soil stabilizer


Roller (road roller, roller compactor), Compactor

Rotary tiller (rototiller, rotovator)


Skid steer loader


Skip loader (skippy)

Slipform paver

Soil stabilizer

Steam shovel

Stomper:concrete drop hammer

Street sweeper

Suction excavator

Telescopic handlers

Track harvester

Track loader

Track skidder

Track-type tractors (Bulldozer)


Trencher (machine)

Tunnel boring machine

Underground mining equipment


Vibratory compactor, Compactor

Water wagon

Wheel dozers – soil compactors

Wheel forwarder

Wheel loader (front loader, integrated tool carrier)

Wheel skidder

Wheel tractor-scraper


In the United States, the National Insurance Crime Bureau estimated (2007 figures) more than $1 billion in construction equipment was stolen each year.

Construction equipment is believed to be targeted by thieves because it is often poorly secured, easily disguised and very expensive. 

Anti-theft measures taken for registered motor vehicles are often not used on construction equipment: open cabs of construction equipment can be easy for thieves to access; equipment often has "one key fits all" ignition systems; construction equipment often does not have standardized vehicle identification numbers or serial numbers, and when they do, thieves often remove the numbers; title and registration for the equipment are not mandated. Record-keeping for construction equipment is often poor, making identification of recovered items difficult. Large construction equipment is used to flatten a security fence before thieves leave a storage or construction site.

Thieves typically remove all identifying numbers before reselling the items, often to unsuspecting contractors. Other equipment may be stripped down to components for separate resale on the black market. Some items stolen in the United States and the United Kingdom are sold overseas.

Thefts can occur from construction sites, by thieves posing as customers of rental companies and from equipment storage areas. Stolen construction equipment is sometimes used to commit other crimes. For example, thieves have used construction equipment to move or destroy bank.

So who's the enforcer? Modern wireless micro-processor based Vehicle Monitoring Systems are a little known profit pocket! They return your investment cost many times over. Within ten years, most heavy equipment will come out of the factory with these features.


Find Out Why: We are installing Industrial Vehicle Monitoring Systems, which serve as the "eyes and ears" of business and cost as little as $1000 - $1300 per unit.

Systems include the unit microprocessor, the base unit, the wireless signal transmitters establishing your LAN network, your application software - complete systems - with factory service support included. If you prevent one accident, reduce maintenance costs by 3%, need one less piece of equipment by increased efficiency, process orders 1% faster, reduce re-management by 5%, you've paid for the system. But you can do much better than that! Download document Vehicle Monitoring Systems

Systems quantify fleet utilization by monitoring each vehicle's movements -- who is driving, where, when, and how long. Reporting tools, including true peak usage graphs and visual playback of historical movements, identify underutilized vehicles for potential elimination. Dynamic access control, real-time solution location tracking, and two-way text dispatching capabilities provide management with the means to justify and support elimination of those vehicles -- and all costs associated with them. 


Wireless systems ensure compliance with vehicle safety regulations and significantly enhance fleet security management by providing dynamic driver access control, automated electronic vehicle inspection checklists, and impact sensors to establish driver accountability and reduce the costs of abusive driving.

Systems significantly reduce fleet maintenance costs through automatic detection and uploading of motion and idle time, automatic scheduling of preventative maintenance based on weighted factors, real-time notification of emerging repair issues identified by drivers, and (for electric vehicles) automatic software-based battery rotation management. Advanced wireless technology delivers multi-faceted solutions for industrial fleet management and can deliver a compelling ROI (return on investment) in many applications as demonstrated by the wide range of leading corporations and government agencies that have deployed the technology.

Vehicle Monitoring Systems are popular on forklift fleets and are rapidly expanding to all types of equipment which can benefits from the information, controls and analysis that they provide! See list of the types of equipment above that can potentially benefit from Vehicle Monitoring Systems.

Top Stolen Types

1.Skid Steer Loader
2.Tractor (Compact, Utility and Ag)
3.Utility Cart/Utility Vehicle
4.Backhoe Loader
5.Compact Tracked Loader/Tracked Skid Steer
6.Mini Excavator
7.Commercial Mower
8.Light Towers
9.Excavators (Medium, Heavy)
10.Welders (Engine Driven)
Top Stolen Brands

1. Kubota
2. Caterpillar
3. John Deere
4. Bobcat
5. Case
6. New Holland
7. Komatsu/Magnum Industries (tied)
8. Ingersoll Rand Doosan
9. Takeuchi/Multiquip (tied)
10. Vermeer
Top States for Theft

1. Texas
2. Florida
3. California
4. New Jersey
5. Georgia
6. Illinois
7. Washington
8. South Carolina
9. Arizona
10. Alabama

Forklift Fleet Managers Need to Know!  

1. Who is operating your equipment?
2. Are they fully OSHA trained and certified?
3 .When do their certifications expire?
4. Are accidents all being fully reported?
5. Are speed limits being observed?

1. Is equipment shut down after speeding/ after collision/ when maintenance is due/ if the engine mal-functions?
2. Can the engine be automatically shut down when not in use?
3. Do operators abuse needless engine idling?
4. Is the engine monitored for maintenance and safety?
5. How is management notified that maintenance is due?

1. Can the equipment recognize supervisors?
2. How is the keyless ignition programmed?
3. How is equipment information monitored, gathered, and displayed for management?
4. Can operators circumvent the controls in place?
5. Can equipment daily checklist be automated? 

Find out More! Programmable Keyless Ignition System 

1. Keyless ignition - eliminate all keys - start vehicle from keypad.
2. Coded and trained operators only (973).
3. Code expiration when additional training is needed. 
4. Shock abuse sensors make drivers accountable for damage and reckless driving.
5. Speed sensing (optional), make drivers accountable for speeding events - Automatic speed control for LPG trucks also optional.
6. Maintenance scheduling---by date or hour meter reading
7. Vehicle shut down - programmable in seconds after, speeding - shock - maintenance due events - engine monitoring.
8. "Sleeper" mode---makes driver accountable for sitting on vehicle and not moving.
9. Engine monitoring of "idiot" lights on dash--oil pressure and engine temp - shut down programming.
10. Mechanic's lock out codes (10) - can lock out common users if maintenance needs to be done.
11. Supervisors codes (10).
12. Programming done from PC or keypad.
13. Key Box - box and key can download 8+ units with one Key Box.
14. Filtering and graphing of all event data - can also be exported to Microsoft Access or Excel for further use.
15. Seat switch - standard on Electrics, optional on IC engines can save up to 25% in fuel by shutting down engine automatically.
16. Device can NOT be circumvented by operator, disconnecting any wires or cables from unit will shut down vehicle.
17. Automates and records operator's daily checklist.

·     Thousands in applications worldwide on wide variety make and model vehicles
·     Reliable in harsh conditions like freezers, dry storage, and outdoor applications
·     UL-RU component rated for E and EE rated industrial truck environments
·     TWICE Winner Gold award Plant Engineering Magazine's Product of the Year

  • Available in dual keypad, flush mount and low profile design to fit any application required. PC Keysoft Software 

  • Connected to PC, Laptop, RF Radio Wireless Modem or Key Box option. Program settings and downloads, filters and graphs event data

Keypad Model 105
  • Code input
  • RFID card input
  • Shock/memory module for advanced features
LCD Model 500 series
  • Full featured start from keypad
  • Model 501 –impacts/speeding etc
  • Key enabling Model 502
  • Checklist only Model 503

Automatic Vehicle Monitoring (AVM)

Automatic Vehicle Monitoring (AVM)- Digital Recorders® successfully logs data from electronic engine control systems, multiplex systems, automatic passenger counting systems, discrete signals (covert alarms, wheelchair lists, etc.) and more. Use your data for incident management (including warranty and service claims), to report exceptions and alarms, and to interface with maintenance software. Include Digital Recorders®' Wireless Update System, and retrieval of this data is automatic. Add AVL and get your critical data in real-time.

• Collect Data From On-Vehicle Devices Via J1708, RS232, RS485, Ethernet, and More
• Exception Reporting With Instant Alarm, Email, and Paging Abilities
• Data is Safely Archived on Vehicle Until Transferred
• Built-In Reports and Summaries, or Export To Your Existing Database Applications

inquiries: Tom Courtney  626-284-1826 or


Confusion surrounded the equipment and continues. Confusion erodes safety, performance and profit!

Hi. I'm Tom Courtney of Forklift1. I have spent 25 years around forklifts, in a family-owned dealership and service center and with my own company Forklift1

I believe that micro-processors are big in the future of equipment, because since the beginning, as a young guy walking around doing my sales for a family-owned heavy equipment dealership, I was amazed at how dysfunctional most companies were from the focal point of the equipment!

Was proper maintenance planned? Maybe? How about operator safety training? Hit and miss. Does anybody know the cost of use and ownership? Who knows? Where are they? Where exactly are the equipment at any point in time? I'll have to go look for them! And on it goes! Confusion surrounded the equipment and continues to do so. And confusion erodes safety, performance and profit!! And yet, they are expensive, big investments and critical to company functioning.

There needs to be better control over equipment - their rental, lease, purchase and eventual sale or disposal - the whole life cycle. Control comes only when company decision-makers have information about them. And that's what micro-processors do.

Components, Systems, Installations. Contact me, Tom Courtney at 626-284-1826 or Email

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