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Instructions: Test Instructions * Pay by Credit Card Online Here Pass the Written Test and the Drivers Test and your training will be certified for OSHA. There is only one real OSHA forklift certification, and this is it. Please allow 24 hours for your online test results. Re-testing is free with your order. Your graded test with explanations and OSHA Code references are emailed to you within 24 hours. Certification is $45.00 for Operators includes printed Certificate and Wallet Card with plastic laminate.

This training is designed specifically and exclusively for OSHA safety code compliance and OSHA powered industrial truck operator certification. Additional training, restrictions, licensing or other procedures may apply. Check your state, municipal, fire department, union, employer and any local and specific agencies and jurisdictions. All forklift operators must be at least 18 years of age per U.S. Federal Department of Labor - Safety & Health Information Bulletin SHIB 03-09-30.


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True False Module 1. OSHA is the U.S. federal government Occupational Safety & Health Administration.
True False Module 2. Section 1910.178 of the Code of Federal Regulations applies to most powered industrial trucks and jacks.
True False Module 3. States are required to enforce the OSHA regulations but may not add any of their own to them.
True False Module 4. According to OSHA companies may make major modifications to forklifts such as adding counterweight.
True False Module 5. Customers who install attachments do not need to change the capacity ratings on the forklift.
True False Module 6. E, ES and EE are ratings for electric forklifts that indicate different degrees of fire hazard protection.
True False Module 7. The OSHA Code states that overhead guards and load backrests are always required, no exceptions.
True False Module 8. It is best to charge batteries wherever the forklift stops, rather than designate certain areas.
True False Module 9. Pouring water into concentrated battery acid is dangerous and can cause an explosion.
True False Module 10. Most electric forklifts have generators that charge the battery while the forklift is running.
True False Module 11. Most new industrial batteries are maintenance-free and do not require checking and adding water.
True False Module 12. Most new batteries are sealed so that it is safe to lay hand tools and other metal objects on top.
True False Module 13. The best way to detect the presence of carbon monoxide is its bad odor and light, bluish color.
True False Module 14. The safety code does not require chocking trailer wheels if it would slow down loading and unloading.
True False Module 15. It is safe to drive forklifts in semi-truck trailers without checking the floor boards first.
True False Module 16. Only trained and authorized operators may be permitted to operate powered industrial trucks.
True False Module 17. OSHA generally prohibits passengers from riding on forklifts, but allows them in some situations.
True False Module 18. Unattended forklifts must have the forks lowered, controls neutralized, power shut off and brakes set.
True False Module 19. Unattended means the operator is 25 feet or more away or the forklift is no longer in the operator's view.
True False Module 20. The most frequent injuries are to hands/ fingers; backs are second in frequency but first in cost.
True False Module 21. If a capacity load falls, it is still safer in the cab, because of protection by the overhead guard.
True False Module 22. A good rule of thumb is to keep a distance of approximately one truck length behind the truck ahead.
True False Module 23. Personnel may be elevated on the forks if there is an enclosed cage with certain safety features.
True False Module 24. If the load obstructs the operator's view, he/she can look outside the running lines of the truck.
True False Module 25. A common mistake in battery charging is over-filling, causing electrolyte to come out the vent caps.
True False Module 26. When you drive up a ramp, it is best to keep the load below or downside of you.
True False Module 27. It's best to travel with load raised above the level of your eyes, so that it does not block your vision.
True False Module 28. Stunts and games, if properly supervised, are an excellent way to build positive employee morale.
True False Module 29. Operators can be confident that dockboard and bridgeplate capacity is sufficient without checking.
True False Module 30. Motorized pallet trucks should enter elevators or other confined spaces with the forks forward.
True False Module 31. Many forklift models steer through an arc, like an automobile, except the steering is in the rear.
True False Module 32. When faced with a suddenly shifting load, the best procedure is to slowly lower it for re-positioning.
True False Module 33. Most forklift hydraulics can lift in excess of their rated capacities, but it is not safe because of tip-over.
True False Module 34. If your forklift is in need of safety repair, it is best to stop immediately and take it out of service.
True False Module 35. Attachments reduce the capacity and affect the lift, travel and operation of forklifts the same as a load.
True False Module 36. When engaging a load, it is best to leave a 4 to 6 inch "buffer" space between the load and the mast.
True False Module 37. When traveling with a load, the most secure position for the load is mast tilted slightly forward.
True False Module 38. Tilting a highly elevated load forward is a safe procedure if you don't jerk the hydraulic controls.
True False Module 39. OSHA Safety Standards do not require clean-up of minor spills of oil, water and other fluids.
True False Module 40. New OSHA law does not require new safety training when the work site or equipment changes.
True False Module 41. OSHA requires all forklift repairs to utilize OEM (original equipment manufacturer/ dealer) parts.
True False Module 42. Forklift users shall not eliminate any parts, alter their relative positions, or add counter-weight to trucks.
True False Module 43. Solvents with low flashpoints (less than 100 degrees F) should not be used because of the danger of fire.
True False Module 44. OSHA Final Order effective March 1, 1999 requires forklift operators to be retrained every three years.
True False Module 45. Common causes of on-the-job injuries are lack of experience, alcohol, drugs, fatigue, equipment failure.
True False Module 46. OSHA monitors and reviews employee complaints, fatalities, target industries and random cross-sections.
True False Module 47. OSHA Final Rule requires forklift training to be specifically adapted to personnel, equipment and facilities.
True False Module 48. U.S. federal OSHA law requires that forklifts be safety-inspected at the beginning of every shift.
True False Module 49. Forklifts must be driven slowly, especially when traveling through doors, on docks, or near personnel.
True False Module 50. The low center of gravity of most forklifts will prevent them from tipping over on turns.

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