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Quotations. Or just call us! Ask for Tom Courtney at 626-284-1826. Please answer all questions in order to fully specify your forklift/s. If you are not sure about a choice, enter your best guess with comment below. Forklifts are quoted to the end-user. Quotations do not include applicable sales taxes or transportation/ delivery charges. Please allow about 24 hours for your response.
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Forklift Type: Lift Capacity:
Power System: Tires:
Mast Height: Forks Type:
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Instruments: Hour Meter Battery Discharge Indicator BDI with Lift Interrupt 
Safety System: Overhead Guard Load Backrest Horn Seat Belt Strobe Light Backup Alarm Twin Head Lights OHG-Mounted  Fire Extinguisher 
Standard Equipment: Automatic Transmission Hydrostatic Transmission 3-Function Hydraulic Valve Hydrostatic Power Steering Adjustable Suspension Seat
Optional Features: 4-Function Hydraulics 5-Function Hydraulics CNG Fuel System Integral Sideshifter Catalytic Muffler Diesel Low Profile Overhead Guard
Optional Packages: Cold Storage Foundry-type Abrasive Air Mixture Protection Paper Recycling GE,PE,DE or EE Rated GX,PX,DX or EX Rated
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Transaction: Buying Selling Leasing Trading Other
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Contact: Tom Courtney at 626-284-1826 regarding this Inventory and your Forklift Truck Requirements

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