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Forklift Operators: Pass a Written Test and a Drivers Test and you can be certified. There is only one real OSHA forklift certification, and this is it.  It is good on any forklifts, in any facility, in the United States or overseas = anywhere U.S. OSHA Code governs. This OSHA certification is otherwise valid for three years, unless something triggers the retraining requirement, like being involved in an accident or a near-miss. 

Test Instructions: Download Test Instructions, including your Drivers Test. You must get on a forklift. We cannot provide them here. Trainers should also take the Safety Trainer Test. Please allow 24 hours for your online test results. Re-testing is free with your order. Your graded test with explanations and OSHA Code references are emailed to you within 24 hours.

Purchase Price: Pay by Credit Card Online Here. Certification is $45.00 for Operators includes printed Certificate and Wallet Card with plastic laminate. Tests submitted without Paid Orders are not processed. Questions? Contact Tom Courtney at or phone 626-284-1826.

Please Note: This training is designed specifically and exclusively for OSHA safety code compliance and OSHA powered industrial truck operator certification. Additional training, restrictions, licensing or other procedures may apply. Check your state, municipal, fire department, union, employer and any local and specific agencies and jurisdictions. All forklift operators must be at least 18 years of age per U.S. Federal Department of Labor - Safety & Health Information Bulletin SHIB 03-09-30.


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True False 1. CFR 1910.178(l) requires forklift operators to be trained prior to operating any forklifts.
True False 2. OSHA Final Rule effective 12/1/99 states new training requirements for operators and trainers.
True False 3. OSHA never refers to 'forklifts' as 'powered industrial trucks' 'PIT' or just 'trucks'.
True False 4. Forklift Safety Trainers should be certified Forklift Operators first on all types of forklifts.
True False 5. Training considers the equipment used and site hazards, but not the operators' prior knowledge and skills.
True False 6. ITA - the U.S. Industrial Truck Association - divides powered industrial trucks into 7 classes.
True False 7. OSHA identifies 7 basic industrial groups for forklift safety regulatory purposes.
True False 8. These groups include general medicine, maritime, marine, longshoring and construction.
True False 9. Retraining is required after bad evaluation, accidents, near misses, operator observed to be unsafe.
True False 10. Retraining is required after changes in workplace, assignment to different type of truck or two years.
True False 11. Trainers shall have the knowledge, training and experience to train operators and evaluate their IQ.
True False 12. Training consists of formal instruction, practical training and evaluation of operator's office performance.
True False 13. Formal Instruction is lecture, discussion, interactive computer learning, video tape and obstacle course.
True False 14. Practical training is lectures given by trainer and written notes taken by trainee.
True False 15. Training program content: PIT operator training does not cover trucks and workplace topics.
True False 16. Truck related topics include differences between forklifts and automobiles.
True False 17. Also instrumentation, steering, visibility, capacity, stability, inspection, maintenance and fueling.
True False 18. Workplace-related topics include surface conditions, composition of loads, stacking and unstacking.
True False 19. Also pedestrians, narrow aisles, restricted places, hazards, ramps and poor ventilation.
True False 20. Employers may add to or exclude irrelevant topics but bear the burden of proof if they do.
True False 21. Duplicative training is not required where evaluation indicates the operator is competent.
True False 22. CFR 1910.178(q) requires forklifts to be examined after the end of every shift.
True False 23. Forklift operator training is similar to automobile driver training in requiring both written and drivers tests.
True False 24. The OSHA safety code does not cover handling fuels such as LPG, diesel or industrial batteries.
True False 25. Site hazards include high storage, docks, dark areas, intersections, pedestrians, and uneven loads.
True False 26. Pressure to 'hurry-up', poor forklift maintenance, or lack of proper training should not cause hazards.
True False 27. Oil spills, water, corrosives, explosive atmosphere, lifting or straightening by hand are not hazards.
True False 28. Forklift tip-over, collision or operator hit by material usually result in minor injuries only.
True False 29. Driving with obstructed view or elevated load is OK over short distances and level surfaces.
True False 30. A good objective of forklift safety training is zero accidents and injuries for all personnel.
True False 31. Safety must be a company policy and procedure enforced from the top management down.
True False 32. Forklift safety includes study, practice, evaluation, attitude, supervision and record-keeping.
True False 33. It is required by OSHA that employers prepare a certification for operators passing safety training.
True False 34. OSHA Safety Trainers are chosen by employers and may be employees or third-party contractors.
True False 35. Operator training usually takes 6 - 8 hours for formal classroom instruction testing, grading and review.
True False 36. Practical Training means hands-on forklift training, drivers tests - operator evaluations or obstacle courses.
True False 37. Safety trainers should avoid an interactive environment where students are asked what they think.
True False 38. Having students exchange written tests for grading saves time but leads to cheating.
True False 39. OSHA inspections are not based on industry risk, complaints, deaths, accidents and random selection.
True False 40. OSHA does not require a site hazard assessment to be performed at facilities using forklifts.
True False 41. Final Rule Appendix, which discusses forklift center of gravity and stability etc., is mandatory.
True False 42. A forklift capacity rating should include load center, position of mast and whether attachment used.
True False 43. The fully derated forklift load capacity should be printed clearly visibly to operator in cab.
True False 44. OSHA does not specifically require old trucks without seatbelts to be retro-fitted to have them.
True False 45. Final Rule says on sit-down riders if a load falls, stay in the seat (do not try to jump clear).
True False 46. Final Rule says on stand-up rider trucks if a load falls, fall backwards out of the way.
True False 47. OSHA says raising personnel is very hazardous and requires special procedures be followed.
True False 48. OSHA requires operators to check the floor boards of trailers, boxcars and elevators before driving in.
True False 49. Operators going up in Order Pickers are safer with full body harness than just seat belt.
True False 50. OSHA accredits forklift safety trainers who meet their standards and pass their tests.

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